June 2024



Ann Marie Moss, ‘04, selected as the Executive Director to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation.


Ian Cummings, ’15 and Leah Bohlmann, ‘16, are engaged to be married on October 18, 2025.


Mike Kieser, ‘00, has completed his 24th year in the army and has been promoted to the rank of Colonel. He recently received his third masters degree after completing a Marshall Fellowship at the US Army War College.


Joel Shoemaker, '06 has written a book called Silas on Sundays that follows a gender-nonconforming child to church.






Beverly Joan Harper, ‘61

Ronald Eugene Prast, ‘55

Patricia Marshall Shupe, ‘57

Linda Susan Bean, ‘74

Walter Bowman, ‘74

Eleanor Mallory-Gaddis, ‘56

Marcus Delano Whitworth, ‘55